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Danfloss is a hardware manufacturer for home and industrial use. This program helps you designing a cooling system or subsystem in an easy way.
In the main interface, you will see the elements you can use for designing the system. When clicking on any of them, a new window will open showing the new system diagram. Bly clicking on the corresponding line, the program will show you the suggested element you can use, including its technical specifications. You can check these specifications to see if the suggested element satisfies your needs. Also, you can modify several factors so the program can suggest you another hardware piece you can use. At the lower panel, you will see a list of the Danfloss products that suit the specifications of the piece you need. By clicking on any of them, the program will show you an image of the product, as well as its description. Then, when you finish the design of the system, the program can generate a report that you can print for your reference.

A good feature is that you can adjust the language of the interface to make your work easier. Bear in mind that Danfloss products aren't sold in all countries, so you may want to check their availability in your country.

Although it is not intended for the public in general, this program can be useful for architects, contractors, technician and technical advisors. If you work in any of these fields, then you may find the program useful.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The program is free to download and use
  • It is useful for contractors, architects and technicians
  • It has a nice interface


  • It is a highly specialized software,not for the general public
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